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Family Dentistry in Bakersfield

Making Smiles Better Together

Families come in all shapes and sizes, just like smiles. Honest family dentistry and dentists know this, tailoring care for a more personalized patient experience. Busy moms and dads like you across Bakersfield, Shafter, Rosedale, and Tehachapi appreciate the attention we give to children and their smiles. 

Setting Them up for Success

There’s a certain something that happens when you bring your little one in for their first or “happy” visit with Dr. Tangeman and the team. From bright-eyed infants to tumbling toddlers, they all learn that seeing the dentist is a positive, dare we say fun experience that’s designed to make them feel happy. 

As they grow, they see that going to the dentist is important. By age three, children are ready for their first checkup. Your little one will have no problem sitting in the chair because they’ve been there before, and you should feel proud. You’ve given them a very valuable gift of knowing that seeing the dentist regularly and taking care of your teeth is essential at every stage of life. You’ve also provided Dr. Tangeman and his team the ability to track your child’s dental growth and development. This allows for better/easier preventive measures to be taken to prevent future dental concerns from arising. 

Family Dentistry for Busy Families

We know how busy you are. Every minute of your day counts, and finding quality family dentistry in Bakersfield shouldn’t take up all of your time. We also understand that you won’t settle for less when it comes to your family’s oral and overall health. We make it easy to get your children the dental care they deserve, without hassles or waiting. 

Dr. Tangeman is skilled in orthodontics with a keen eye for your child’s unique facial and airway development. He can monitor their growth over time, showing you the time and money-saving power of prevention and early detection. 

You do so much for your family, and now you can feel even better because you’re bringing them to us. We’ll always do our best to preserve and protect their smiles for exceptional oral and overall health that will last a lifetime. Getting started is easy. Talk to us about setting up an appointment today.